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Satellite data Area

management, processing and analysis of geospatial data, access to open data and what concerns the Hackathon  organization

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Expert of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Open Data. He has several years of experience on designing of GIS and on processing of spatial data, both for the Public Administration and for companies. He is currently a consultant to Almawawe, for specialist support on open data for the Sicilian Region.

He is the president of OnData, an association that promotes the opening of public data to make it accessible to everyone.

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Satellite data Area

data analysis and use of satellite data

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For more than twenty years in the field of the use of satellite data for numerous application fields. After graduating in Physics, she specialized in Signal Processing with a thesis applied to data analysis for the state of the sea. Over the years he has acquired skills as Project Manager and Technical Manager for numerous ESA, ASI, Commission and national programs. He has followed the Copernicus program since its inception and has worked in various fields such as research projects for the development of new solutions (FP4, FP5, FP6, H2020, HE), promotion activities and identification of new users (Copernicus User Uptake) , training (ERASMUS +) and finally in support programs for market expansion (COSME). He has experience in Copernicus core and downstream services.

Passionate about geography, cartography and the world of space in general, she likes to work in projects where people from different nations, cultures and skills meet because she is enriched with new knowledge and combines her interests and skills to study the complexity of our fascinating planet and its incredible phenomena.

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Business Area

MVP, customer discovery and customer validation

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Open Innovation & Growth Hacking Consultant - Seguo spin-off di multinazionali che vogliono lanciare in modo lean prodotti innovativi alla scoperta di nuovi mercati e Startup nella validazione della loro idea di business e le supporto per una solida pianificazione del Go To Market.




Satellite data Area

Data analysis, access to Copernicus data, use of satellite data

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Product Specialist - Government & Security SBU. Education: Degree in Computer Science and Digital Communication at the University of Bari. He works as a web developer for several years, specializing in "Geographic Information Systems" with a specialization course at the institution Dinamica srl in Bologna and thanks to the management and maintenance activities of the GeoPortal of the Emilia-Romagna Region at the customer's headquarters.He has been working since 2012 as a Product Specialist dealing with the processing of satellite data requests and contact with the customer.

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Business Area

Growth strategies, customer discovery, business development

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I was born a Developer, I fell in love with Data Analysis and I grew up in Business and Marketing. Entrepreneur and Growth Marketing Specialist with 15 years of experience in the field and an indomitable curiosity.

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Business Area

Business development strategies, Aerospace market

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After a solid experience in a Commercial Bank where he held the roles of Risk Analyst and then Sales, he left the permanent position to work as Customer Success Manager in a Growth agency. Among the winners of the Copernicus 2020 Hackathon with the project Fishalytics, today he holds the role of Business Developer in G-nous, innovation-driven company skilled on Deep Techand Space Businesses.

Strong experience in hacking hackathons with more than 15 attended in the last years.

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Observation Technician

Earth observation, data analysis, IOT systems

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Latitude 40

Gaetano Volpe, with more than 20 years of experience in Space and Telecommunications, is a business coach with extensive experience in strategy development, business model design and business planning applied in coaching activities for companies, startups and SMEs. He has consolidated experience in business development, technological innovation / R & D and designing growth strategies in international markets. Currently Founder & CEO of Latitudo 40, startup in the downstream EO sector, and Founder & CFO of Esferatros, Luxembourg-based startup focused on a new satellite carrier for small sats. 

Gaetano is constantly focused on supporting companies and organizations in their digital transformation, putting data-driven insights at the heart of every decision for the development and validation of innovative business models, using structured methodologies based on Lean Organization and Design Thinking concepts, to transform visions and innovative ideas into business successes, through simulations and field validation (validated learning). Highly diversified professional experience, consistently characterized by achieving results through teamwork and strong personal commitment with a proven track record of defining and developing complex projects, driving execution and change management to deliver results. For Gaetano, space is not just a job, but a passion that he has cultivated since he was a child and dreamed of becoming an astronaut.

Indicative list of specialties: ICT, Business Models, Maritime, Satellite Telecommunications, Space and Earth Observation, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Cloud Solutions, IoT integrated projects.




Business Area

business plan, business model canvas,

business world

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Passionate about business and developing innovative and high impact projects on the territory for 10 years. In 2016, he co-founded Spazio SPIN., A brand that accompanies teams, start-ups and companies in the realization of innovative ideas and projects, thanks to facilitation and co-design methodologies and supporting them in accessing public and private financing. It contributes to the creation of more than 20 startups in Puglia, providing consultancy on the development of effective and sustainable business models and on the construction of validable on the market prototypes.




Data Satellite Area

Data and Satellite Images

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Dr. Jaime Almonacid-Caballer has developed the main part of his career in the Dept. Cartographic Engineering, Geodesy and Photogrammetry. Where he obtained the PhD in December of 2014. His Bachelor and PhD Thesis are related to coastal management, concretely on the subpixel automated coastline extraction from Landsat imagery, which includes automated georreferenciation, evaluation and analysis derived from those lines.

Other works have been related with the development of a low cost aerial photogrammetric tools, the mathematical development of terrestrial photogrammetric constraints oriented to coastal management.

He worked with point clouds derived both from Photogrammetric techniques and LiDAR to obtain derived products needed for the coastal managements (DTMs, DSMs etc). He also co-worked in the development of LiDAR tools in ENVI/IDL.

During 2016 he worked as Quality Control manager in the LiDAR group of Aerodata International Surveys placed in Utrecht (The netherlands). After getting into the LiDAR processing workflow (mainly developed with RiEGL systems/software and TerraScan) he was responsible of the Quality of the delivered data and on fixing any complaint from older deliveries. He was in charge on finding simpler and faster ways to improve the workflow. As a matter of research, he was in charge of spreading the point of view to detect automatically any geometric problem (mainly working with Tie Lines and vertical surface mismatches) trying always to work with freeware and simple but usable tools.

Nowadays he is developing he is part of the CGAT team co-working in several fields. He is working in the analysis and filtering of time series, researching the potential uses and limitations of radar data in coastal environments and developing some improvements in coastal close range photogrammetry.

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Climate Change Expert

Data Analysis, use of satellite data

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She is a senior researcher with more than 18 years of research experience. She works at CMCC Foundation as head of the Research Division REMHI (Regional Model and geo-Hydrological Impacts) and she is also adjunct Professor at the University of Naples “Parthenope” of the “advanced meteorology” course and member of the board of the S.I.S.C. (Italian Society of Climatology). Her main areas of competence include: development and use of statistical tools and dynamical models for localization of the weather condition and climate change scenarios up to local scale, development of tools for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the soil impact induced climate change. She is also the manager of the dataclime platform ( working in GIS environment, for pre- and post-processing and visualization of observed and simulated climate data. She collaborates with private sectors industries for the assessment of the climate change impacts on critical infrastructure and with public bodies for the preparation of SECAP and SEA and other relevant documents to support policies for adaptation to climate change. She was for the period 2019-2021 the principal investigator of the Copernicus contract “Sectoral Information System to support Disaster Risk Reduction” (C3S_430) aims at developing a service supporting the risk assessment of extreme events with a special focus on urban areas running specific climate models at 2.2 km horizontal resolution. She is member of the COSMO Consortium, CLM Assembly, MENA CORDEX and EURO-CORDEX. Over the years he has carried out various activities as a meteorological forecaster. Authors of more than 60 scientific publications, she collaborates in various national and international research projects. Recently has been member of the commission on climate change, infrastructure and sustainable mobility of the Italian Ministry of infrastructure and sustainable mobility and she is currently Member of Steering Committee for Urban Policies supporting Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility.



Data & Business Area

neogeography applications, collaborative

mapping, crowdsourcing platforms, access to

open data and realization of innovative ideas

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Urban Planner and civic hacker. She deals with urban policies with attention to issues of multi-actor construction of urban regeneration processes through experimental approaches such as cultural planning, community mapping, community planning 2.0, neo-geography and open data. He is CEO of Mappina - Alternative City Map and CityOpenSource - Collaborative Mapping Platform and project manager of several digital projects that intertwine urban development, open data and collaborative mapping practices.


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Business Development

Business Area

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Vincitore Digilab 2018 & Startup Mentor di Sprint Factory.




design of geospatial applications,

software development tools and

what concerns Hackathon organization

Data Area & organization staff

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Engineer and PhD in Physics, she has been working in the world of data for 10 years, enthusiast of data analysis, technology and start-ups. She lived in Denmark and England, taking in customs and traditions of these realities and expanding her network of contacts around the world. She is a Technical Specialist in Planetek Italia and has the pleasure of supporting Massimo and Planetek's partners in the organization of the Copernicus Hackathon Bari 2020.




    Hexagon Geospatial and M.App Enteprise software, the treatment of satellite images, geospatial data and Copernicus, applications in aquaculture

Satellite data Area

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Technical Specialist for Rheticus® services in Planetek Italia. He worked on the use of satellite data for monitoring the spatial and temporal variation of the surface temperature of the sea. He worked as a consultant for the European Commission's Joint Research Center. He publishes several articles in important international journals and presented papers in national and international conferences.

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AI, data analysis

Observation Technician

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Mauro Manente is CTO and co-founder of Latitudo 40 where with all his passion and curiosity he is driving the development of the fastest and easiest cloud platform to access data extracted from satellite images using AI.

During the last 20 years, after his computer engineering graduation at University of Naples “Federico II”, he had the chance to work with several space / telco companies in Italy as a software developer first and then as team leader, project manager and CTO.

He founded his first IT consultancy company in 2010 and then has been co-founder and member of board of directors of Remocean and Latitudo 40, two startups based in Italy in the field of remote sensing, and co-founder of Sentimetrix, a United States based company specialized in sentiment analysis.




Business plan, business model canvas,

business world

Business Area

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He has been dealing with business companies  and startups since 2014. In 2016 he  co-founds  SPIN space,  where he applied facilitation and co-design methodologies to business planning. To date, he has led to financing and implementation of more than 25 innovative projects. He is a consultant to Impact Hub Bari on various training courses in the business world. Today he is part of the Sprint Factory incubator team.




Analisi dei dati, immagini satellitari

Legal Area

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Data Scientist at Leithà | Unipol Group

Nel 2016, dopo aver conseguito la laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria per l’Ambiente e il territorio all’Università degli Studi di Palermo, si trasferisce all’estero per seguire il programma europeo Erasmus+ presso un’azienda con sede legale a Malaga.

Dopo la fine del programma, continua a lavorare in Spagna maturando competenze di gestione e analisi dati nel settore GIS e remote sensing.

Dal 2019 fa parte del gruppo Data Science di Leithà, innovaction factory del Gruppo Unipol.




Data analysis, Earth observation, computer programing, access to Copernicus imagery, Google Earth Engine.

Satellite Data Area

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Ausiàs Roch Talens is a PhD student in Geomatics Engineering at UPV with a predoctoral contract granted by the European Commission since December 2021. His research is focused on a proof-of-concept for the implementation of a European Copernicus Coastal Flood Awareness System.

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