Satellite data Area

management, processing and analysis of geospatial data, access to open data and what concerns the Hackathon organization

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Expert of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Open Data. He has several years of experience on designing of GIS and on processing of spatial data, both for the Public Administration and for companies. He is currently a consultant to Almawawe, for specialist support on open data for the Sicilian Region.

He is the president of OnData, an association that promotes the opening of public data to make it accessible to everyone.




IT and Data Area

data analysis for statistical purposes,

"Data Driven" innovation, software

development tools, access to open data

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Project Manager and data expert at the National Statistics Institute. He deals with Data Driven Innovation and data management. Participate in international cooperation projects as an IT expert. He was Head of a Horizon2020 Project on Open Data and Big Data. He collaborates with the University and the Polytechnic of Bari,. He is vice president of onData and a member of the CDA of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale. He writes for agendadigitale and forumpa.



Satellite data Area

access to Copernicus data, the treatment of satellite images, the use of software for the processing of geospatial data

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Environmental engineer, expert in GIS and Remote Sensing, in Planetek Italy since 2015, he takes care of the pre- and post-sales technical activities related to services and products for PA, Educational and Defense markets.



Satellite data Area

il trattamento dei dati Copernicus, le applicazioni dell’Earth observation in ambito agricolo, i software Hexagon Geospatial.

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She has been working for over 14 years as a technical specialist at Planetek Italia, dealing with image processing, map generation, classification and photointerpretation of satellite images. She has collaborated as image analyst, QA manager and production manager in numerous national and European land cover mapping projects such as, for example, Urban Atlas and the forest mapping project within Copernicus Land Monitoring.



IT and DECiSION Area

automatic querying of DECiSION services, software design and dev for acquisition, processing and display of geospatial data

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Technical Specialist for Rheticus® services in Planetek Italy, he is an IT Engineer who deals with design and development of software systems for the acquisition, processing and display of geospatial data in different application contexts. It has collaborated in the definition of the DECiSION platform and in the creation of its modules for the automatic querying of heterogeneous services.



IT and DECiSION Area

natural language interpretation tools

and machine learning

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Researcher at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Bari Aldo Moro, in the SWAP research group. Reviewer of numerous scientific journals. He was involved in the "Seo-Dwarf: Semantic EO Data Web Alert and Retrieval Framework" project. His research interests include Natural Language Processing, User Personalization, Recommender Systems, Artificial Intelligence including deep learning.



Irrigation challenge Area

vegetation algorithms and models, early identification of vegetation stress, optimization of irrigation and limitation of nitrate pollution

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PhD in Agri-food production protection and quality, Agronomist, Researcher in the agronomy and herbaceous crops sector at the University of Molise. Professor of precision agriculture in agro-ecosystems. Member of the Technical Scientific Committee of the Agriculture Master 4.0, University of Molise. It deepens innovative techniques for the early identification of stress of vegetation, for the optimization of irrigation and limitation of nitrate pollution. He is author of numerous books.



Irrigation challenge Area

expert end user of irrigation

systems and field sensors

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Freelance agronomist. OP Jonica consultant for the quality control of production in forty associated farms. Company tutor of the OP Jonica for internships and external traineeships in collaboration with High Schools and the University of Bari for the training of technicians in organic agriculture.



Business Area

growth hacking, business growth strategy

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Coming from the Berlin startup scene where she was involved in bid management, she came back to Apulia and now works as a growth hacker in an SME dealing with energy. She has contributed to creating the first and so far the only growth hacking event in an Italian Chamber of Commerce (the one of her city, Bari) and is committed as ambassador of this topic on the local and national territory. She has a strong interest in cultural projects and is looking forward to surfing on her board.



Business Area

business plan, business model canvas,

business world

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Passionate about business and developing innovative and high impact projects on the territory for 10 years. In 2016, he co-founded Spazio S.P.IN., a brand that accompanies teams, start-ups and companies in the realization of innovative ideas and projects, thanks to facilitation and co-design methodologies and supporting them in accessing public and private financing. It contributes to the creation of more than 20 startups in Puglia, providing consultancy on the development of effective and sustainable business models and on the construction of validable on the market prototypes.



Business Area

fundraising and revenue models

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He began his career as an auditor in KPMG S.p.a in which he specialized in the industrial field, following clients listed on the NYSE. Member of the Board of some Italian and extreme subsidiaries of Natuzzi S.p.a. In 2013 he was CFO in a group operating in the aerospace field. He is a specialist in the startup world and technological scale ups. He holds the role of fractional CFO, advisory board and board member of some Italian tech companies.



Business Area

corporate growth strategy and scale-up

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Director and member of the leadership team of Strategy &. Managerial and strategic consultant for 13 years. He worked in the international divisions of IBM and Accenture. It supports large national, international, SMEs and startups in the definition of industrial plans, business growth and digital transformation. Leading various project activities allow him to investigate new business models and the impact of new technologies.




access to Copernicus data,

applications satellite data, business

models and what concerns Hackathon organization

Satellite data & Business

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Head of Government & Security SBU, Planetek Italia. He represents Planetek Italia at the Italian Open Data Institute, the General States of Innovation and AFCEA. Referent for Planetek Italia during the Open Geospatial Consortium, contributing to the creation of the OGC Forum. In Planetek Italia, he is responsible for commercialization of solutions and application services for public and defense bodies at national and international level.



design of geospatial applications,

software development tools and

what concerns Hackathon organization

Data Area & organisation staff

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Engineer and PhD in Physics, she has been working in the world of data for 10 years, enthusiast of data analysis, technology and start-ups. She lived in Denmark and England, taking in customs and traditions of these realities and expanding her network of contacts around the world. She is a Technical Specialist in Planetek Italia and has the pleasure of supporting Massimo and Planetek's partners in the organisation of the Copernicus Hackathon Bari 2020.



      Hexagon Geospatial and M.App Enteprise software,the treatment of satellite images, geospatial data and Copernicus, applications in aquaculture

Satellite data Area

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Technical Specialist for Rheticus® services in Planetek Italia. He worked on the use of satellite data for monitoring the spatial and temporal variation of the surface temperature of the sea. He worked as a consultant for the European Commission's Joint Research Center. He publishes several articles in important international journals and presented papers in national and international conferences.



front-end and back-end programming

for mobile applications

IT and DECiSION Area

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Programming enthusiast with a particular focus on DevOps, Frontend and Backend languages.
He has worked as a Senior Software Developer in Evolware since 2015, managing the Development team that deals with the design and development of business solutions related to Mobile, Desktop and systems environments.



Solarfertigation firmware and software,

IoT framework, IoT protocols and technologies

IT & Irrigation challenge Area

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Graduated in Telecommunication Engineering from the Polytechnic of Bari. Certified CCNA network system engineer. PhD student in Telecommunication Engineering in collaboration with SF System s.r.l. It carries out industrial research on industrial IoT protocols and architectures, applied to Smart Agriculture.



modeling and optimization of pressurized

irrigation systems, water resource management, smart irrigation, and solar energy in agriculture for rural dev.

Irrigation challenge Area

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PhD, consultant and researcher at CIHEAM Bari. Experience in international projects such as the improvement of water use efficiency in Africa (Burkina Faso, Morocco, and Uganda); use of treated wastewater in irrigation (Palestine and Tunisia); and modeling and design of solar powered irrigation systems.



expert end user of irrigation

systems and field sensors

Irrigation challenge Area

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Agronomist. He runs his farm in the province of Taranto experimenting production methods with high environmental sustainability and organic agriculture. President of the OP Jonica, he interacts with the high institutional positions at regional and national level supporting the evolution of the agricultural sector towards the world of associations.




implementations of  ICT in organic farming in Mediterranean environments

Irrigation challenge Area

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Agronomist, PhD in food science. He is a scientific officer of CIHEAM Bari and organic agriculture, treatment of plant diseases, entomology, application of technological innovations in agriculture (ICT) are his field of interest. Responsible on behalf of CIHEAM Bari for several European research and innovation projects, he is author of more than thirty scientific publications in international journals, he is co-tutor of several PhD students, member of the teaching staff of the Doctoral school in Environmental Sciences of the University of Trento. Interacts with various national and international research bodies.



growth hacking, marketing automation,

business strategy


Business Area

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Digital Marketer specialized in Growth Hacking and Marketing Automation (E-Mail Marketing, Web Scraping, Data Extracion).
In the last year, he has collaborated with Innoleaps, a Dutch consultancy agency that helps Corporates to launch products on the market just like a Startup does.



Business plan, business model canvas,

business world

Business Area

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He has been dealing with business companies and startups since 2014. In 2016 he co-founds Spazio S.P.IN, where he applied facilitation and co-design methodologies to business planning. To date, he has led to financing and implementation of more than 25 innovative projects. He is a consultant to Impact Hub Bari on various training courses in the business world. Today he is part of the Sprint Factory incubator team.




Satellite data Area

data access platforms, satellite data analysis

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He is Associate Professor at the Polytechnic of Milan, Department of Aerospace Sciences and Technologies, and is also Visiting Researcher at TU Delft, Netherlands. He carries out research in the aerospace field. He has been Principal Investigator in 10 projects and to date leads a research team of 10 people. In 2019 he won the ERC Consolidator Grant award and is the author of 50 articles published in international journals and has published about 200 works.



Data & Business Area

neogeography applications, collaborative

mapping, crowdsourcing platforms, access to

open data and realization of innovative ideas

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Urban Planner and civic hacker. She deals with urban policies with attention to issues of multi-actor construction of urban regeneration processes through experimental approaches such as cultural planning, community mapping, community planning 2.0, neo-geography and open data. He is CEO of Mappina - Alternative City Map and CityOpenSource - Collaborative Mapping Platform and project manager of several digital projects that intertwine urban development, open data and collaborative mapping practices.



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